Hi, I’m Michelle! 

I am an Upper Cervical Doctor of Chiropractic, a life-long student, lover of nature and all things outdoors, and I strive to create connection in communities through education and helping people find solutions to their health problems. 

I work with people suffering from dizziness and balance problems to get to the root of the issue so that they can understand what is happening to their body, return to doing the activities they love, and ultimately take back control of their health.

Have you ever had that feeling like your head just isn’t on straight? Like you are walking around in a fog, off kilter, and just want the world (or you) to stop moving? You’ve likely seen many practitioners who have told you there is nothing wrong with you and that this dizzy sensation is all in your head - go relax and meditate (not that these are bad things). The problem is, you didn’t feel stressed or anxious before this dizziness started and have never really had any other health problems. You were a fun loving, active, family person and now you are turning down social invites, are afraid to go on that bike ride you love, falling behind in your work tasks, and feel guilty because you can’t give your kids and family the energy they deserve. Well, let me tell you that what you are experiencing is NOT normal. Dizziness can be a complex and scary thing to experience, but there are solutions that are safe and effective. Let me show you and help you take back control of your body and health! 

​My goal is to help people optimize their quality of life, enabling them to do activities they love in a pain free fashion.

When I'm not in the clinic you can find me out in the backcountry or on the bike trails soaking in the beauty of nature.